Here are links of our friends and partners, who helped us make this short film.





- Kaméléon studio, SFX makeup workshop for theater, film, television, commercials, etc...

- Charles Devoyer, my director of photography forever – so young and so talented.

- Polyboys, a great team of electricians for your shootings.

- Alexis Jung, a very talented sound engineer and sound designer.

- Christophe Baliko, the coolest Belgian graphic designer.

- Ptit-Bernard-location, vehicles rentals for film.

- La Tebwa Indie music supervision and audiovisual production agency.

- Herr Styler, a young Italian electro band that will be soon famous !

- Wallpaper productionsco-production, executive production, special effects, digital visual effects, calibration.

- M Studios, editing studios (sound and images), sound effects.





- Tatou, professional video equipment rental

- RVZ Lumières, lighting equipment and accessories for shootings rental













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